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Friday, Oct. 19, 2018@ 7 pm
A Talk by Patricia Perez Valdes, KSC-AIPR Global Fellow
“Honoring the Victims of the Pinochet Years at Chile’s Museum of Memory and Human Rights”
118 Elliot
118 Elliot St., Brattleboro

Free and Open to the Public
Coffee/Tea/Conversation at 7:00 pm,
Talk begins promptly at 7:30
Q&A to follow

Patricia Perez Valdes will address this topic drawing from her years of experience in the Education and Audience Department of the Museum of Memory and Human Rights, located in Santiago, Chile. Her talk will focus on the legacy of Chile’s military dictatorship from 1973-1990, the importance of memorialization in the construction of memory as a society, and the challenges faced by the museum since it was inaugurated in January of 2010.


The disappeared

Wall of Disappeared Persons at the Museum

The Museum of Memory and Human Rights seeks to draw attention to human rights violations committed by the Chilean state between 1973 and 1990. Its mission is to allow dignity for victims and their families, stimulate reflection and debate and to promote respect and tolerance in order that these events never happen again.




IMG_6342Patricia Perez Valdes is the KSC-AIPR Global Fellow in the Holocaust and Genocide Studies academic program for the fall semester. This is a program between the Holocaust and Genocide Studies Academic Program  at Keene State College (KSC) and the Auschwitz Institute For Peace and Reconciliation (AIPR). They invite one person that is part the Auschwitz Institute alumni community for an entire semester of sharing with the college community.

Patricia has participated in the Raphael Lemkin Global Seminar: Holocaust And Genocide Prevention. (AIPR), Oświęcim, Poland and in the Raphael Lemkin Latin American network for the prevention of genocide and mass atrocity crimes. In her work for the Museum of Memory and Human Rights Patricia has developed materials and training programs for the mediation program of the education department. She has also designed materials for visits by children, students, foreigners and community groups. While at KSC, Valdes will work on further developing a human rights curriculum for Chile and the museum.

Read an article in the Keene State newspaper explaining Patricia’s program.


On Aug. 24 WWAC brought you”El Salvador Beyond the Headlines.”
Were you at the talk, or did you miss it?
Would you like to help the development efforts in El Salvador that we learned about in the talk?
Visit the web site of Companion Community Development Alternatives, a non-profit organization devoted to the mission of cooperating in projects for democratic, community-based social and economic development in Central America. There  you can learn about the developments this organization is sponsoring in El Salvador and you can support them with your donation:
Would you like to learn more about El Salvador?
Here are some links with helpful background information:
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