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Friday, May 10
 “The Uyghurs of Xinjiang: Perfecting the Surveillance State in China’s Muslim Borderland,“ a talk by Professor Eric Schluessel, University of Montana.

Since 2017, China has built a police state of unprecedented sophistication in Xinjiang, a vast region home to the Uyghur people. An estimated 1 million people have been disappeared, incarcerated, and forced into reeducation camps, while millions more are watched closely for thoughts and actions that might threaten the Communist Party’s rule. This talk presents the stories of some of the disappeared, including friends of the speaker. It shows how parts of the Chinese government used American Islamophobia and the “War on Terror” to justify and enact a new kind of totalitarianism. We will see how international corporations have fed this project, but also what we can do to turn the tide.

Chinatown photo

Eric Schluessel is an Assistant Professor of Chinese History and Politics at the University of Montana and holds a PhD in History and East Asian Languages from Harvard University. He has researched and written about Xinjiang’s past and present for fifteen years.

Recent NY Times editorial about the situation in Xinjiang

This event will take place at the Centre Congregational Church Parlor,
193 Main St. Brattleboro
Free and Open to the Public


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