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On Saturday, April 7, 2018 @5:00 pm
WWAC joins with HOST, Haiti Orphanage Sponsorship Trust
to present “An Introduction to Haiti Today”
Centre Congregational Church, Memorial Hall
193 Main St., Brattleboro, VT

* Meet the local members of HOST
* Talk by Rose Albert: “Haiti Before and After the Earthquake” 

* View a Haitian Film
* Enjoy a Haitian Dinner (by donation)

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What does HOST do?
The Haiti Orphanage Sponsorship Trust (HOST) helps support the children at Foyer Evangelique Orphanage in Croix-Des-Bouquets, Haiti.  HOST is a small, grassroots non-profit based in Vermont which has been partnering with Foyer Evangelique Orphanage since 2010.  HOST is committed to supporting these children until they graduate from high school. HOST’s mission is to ensure the needs for food, education, medical attention and other essentials of Foyer Evangelique Universel Orphanage children are met.  We also research and promote collaboration with organizations that can help address the residents’ unmet physical and/or developmental needs, and assist with longer term sustainability.

Foyer Evangelique Orphanage is currently home to 35 children, ranging in age from preschool to young adult. All are from impoverished families. Most came to the orphanage in the aftermath of the January 2010 earthquake.

 The Speaker: Rose Albert

Rose AlbertRose Albert is a motivated and dynamic young woman who was born and raised in Port-au-Prince, Haiti. Rose migrated to the United States knowing two words in English: Yes and No. She worked tremendously hard to graduate high school with an English proficiency equipped to make it through college and graduate school. For most of her time living in the States, she resided in Rhode Island where she built a strong community for herself.  Passionate for the arts, Rose found opportunities to share her love of dancing, and she has performed Haitian dance for many years in different settings: institutions, nursing homes and organizations.  She has also spent some time choreographing and teaching Haitian dances to children.  Five years after moving away from home, Rose had the privilege of visiting Haiti in 2010.  She now returns to Haiti annually and remains deeply connected to her homeland. 

Rose is honored to spend an evening with the Brattleboro community talking about the beautiful Haiti that she knew before the earthquake, the challenges brought on by the earthquake, and her hopes for the future of Haiti.

The Film: Serenade for Haiti  by Owsley Brown, 2017   www.serenadeforhaiti.com

This film is appropriate for middle school and up. The earthquake representation is a little scary and there are a couple of still photos during a sequence about Haiti’s violent history that include a photo of a dead victim and there is some blood.

Filmed over a seven-year period in Haiti, this documentary feature film captures a rare look at a country scored with poverty and a history of political violence and finds a story of transcendence and great humanity as the children and faculty of the Sainte Trinité Music School turn to music to unlock the power of their own lives.

When a catastrophic earthquake completely destroys the school in 2010, a stunned and devastated faculty and student body must pick up the pieces and find a way to adapt.  Devotion to each other and to the possibilities that the future still holds for them are expressed in the footage of children rehearsing in the rubble and in the rich musical heritage they have inherited.

Journeying into Haiti’s beautiful and diverse rural regions and venturing deep into the streets of Port-au-Prince before and after the 2010 earthquake, Serenade for Haiti brings to the screen an unforgettable and vivid tableau of this widely misunderstood country.  The soundtrack features the stunning music of Haiti’s great composers who until this time have been largely unknown to international audiences.
In Haitian Creole and French, with English Subtitles

The Dinner Menu:  Rice & beans, plantains, chicken, salad, coconut cupcakes

Haitian food

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