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Friday, October 6, 2017 @ 6:30 pm
WWAC and Centre Congregational Church will jointly sponsor a talk by
Mr. Lloyd Dakin, UN High Commission of Refugees (Ret.), who will speak on
The Current State of Refugees and Forced Displacement in the World
Venue: Center Congregational Church, 193 Main St., Brattleboro

  • The talk will be preceded by a spaghetti supper sponsored as a fundraiser by a group in the church

  • Donations to Carry Me Home will be accepted at the door. They are in need of funds to cover shipping costs.

Mr. Dakin’s experience with refugees started in the mid 1970’s and went up to 2009 when he retired from UNHCR. He worked in Thailand, Pakistan, and Tanzania, as well as in UNHCR headquarters in Geneva, where he covered the Horn of Africa and the five Central Asian Republics, among other places. He was also UNHCR Representative in Armenia and Central Europe. based in Budapest and responsible for Slovenia, Hungry, Slovakia, Poland, Romania and Bulgaria. Finally, he was acting Director of the Division for External Relations, the largest division in UNHCR, in Geneva.
While he could speak about these experiences, Mr. Dakin prefers to focus on the current state of refugees and forced displacement in the world. From his extensive experience, he has learned that not all refugee situations are the same, but ultimately their resolutions are very similar. Refugees either return home, stay in the country they fled to, or seek resettlement in another country. He will give us his perspective on on how these processes are progressing globally and locally at this moment in time.

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