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Coming on September 14, 2018:
A Talk by Nelli Sargsyan
Assistant Professor of Anthropology at Marboro College
Centre Congregational Church
193 Main St. Brattleboro, VT

“The Role of Women in the Velvet Revolution in Armenia”

VelvetRevolutionFor almost three decades a corrupt oligarchical government led postsocialist Armenia into environmental degradation, daunting social inequality, massive emigration, and societal apathy. However, in April and May of 2018 after weeks of non-violent, decentralized, and creative civil disobedience people forced the corrupt administration out of office. This exciting political activity came to be known as “velvet revolution” or “revolution of love and solidarity.” While this significant achievement hinged on the decades-long political work of women, they came to be publicly viewed as mostly supporters of this mass movement rather than active agents and later were appointed as deputy ministers, advisers, and assistants in the new interim government.

In this talk Professor Sargsyan  will discuss the practices that women have used in the past decade as they raised issues of social injustice and she will discuss the key role they played in the mass movement of the 2018 “revolution of love and solidarity” through their creative approaches as a way of imagining a better future for Armenia, the larger South Caucasus region and beyond.



Nelli Sargsyan’s research interests revolve around social movements and issues of social justice. In her most recent research Sargsyan focuses on Armenian feminists’ political work toward a life of collective care. Sargsyan’s individual work on feminist political and artistic work has appeared in journals, including Feminist Formations and Armenian Review, and online platforms such as Socioscope. Her collaborative work on different forms of violence and working together to counter them has appeared on online platforms such as ARTMargins and Public Seminar.

Coming on October 19, 2018:
A Talk by Kathleen M. Donahue, U.S. Department of State
Team Lead – Arabian Peninsula, Office of Near Eastern Affairs
Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations
118 Elliot, 118 Elliot St. Brattleboro

“Translating US policy into action: The challenges of stabilization operations in the Arabian Peninsula”

More details coming soon


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