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    Surely I think W.W.A.C. is in line for World Peace Solutions. World peace and stability has failed through the hands of First Classed Developed Countries, (who in effect are the same manipulators, to hold their grips), United Organizations, Institutions and sent Mediators/Diplomats, all combined. Now, there is the absolute need that ORDINARY INDIVIDUALS (PERSONS) who have nothing to do with Politics nor Institutional affiliations, etc and or Organization(s) be given the possibilities and chances, be sponsored to go on the deal to bring Harmony and Peace in the World, to make this world a BETTER PLACE TO LIVE starting from ISRAEL, PALESTINE, IRAN, getting the Antagonists UNDERSTANDING their Rights and Responsibilities. For on this PlanetEARTH, we are all CONSUMERS. And as consumers we have rights and responsibilities of each and other. In this regard I have the firm conviction that if the W.W.A.C. is given the privilege and support to extend its ACTIONS out of the USA to the other Nations of the world to bring Peace and Harmony, “the world’s most WISH.”

    Augustine Bullu, Sr.
    ACCRA, Ghana

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